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April 11, 2016
Facebook Bug … Liking your own posts ?
April 21, 2016

Have you set your Facebook friend list visibility to ‘Only Me’?
If not, let me tell you ‘Why & How’ …

Earlier today I was sent a friend request from someone who to the best of my knowledge was already a friend on Facebook, this immediately rang alarm bells …..
When cyber criminals hijack a Facebook account, they tend to extract as much information as possible and send scam links to everyone on their friends list. This information can be used for identity theft, fraud and the search for more victims.
I have also know many people fall victim to Bullies creating fake profiles with the intention of humiliating or harassing their intended victim.

By just leaving your friends list open to ‘Friends,’ as most people do by default, this can also expose all of your Facebook friends to hackers and scammers. A popular scam involves creating cloned profiles of which I see very often, using these hackers can then start targeting everyone on that person’s friends list. If the scammer doesn’t know who a person is friends with, then it’s almost impossible for them to run this socially engineered scam successfully. This should deter them from going any further.

If you receive a friend request from someone you are already friends with, don’t confirm the request until you verify it with your friend. Contact them by some other means than Facebook, obviously…. call them, text, email or smoke signal ….

So to set your Facebook friend list visibility to ‘Only Me’ ….
Simply follow the 6 steps in the picture below & Keep safe
Alan Fahy – Social Media Specialist

Hide Friends List

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