My Journey...

In the begining I initially started out on Facebook the very same as most other business people, trying to build a simple page to promote my business. Facebook was a lot simpler back in is early days and I got hooked very quickly, amazed at the incredible possibilities for reaching mass targeted audiences anywhere in the world or even just your local audience in a small nearby town or village.

At first there was no Facebook advertising campaigns or sponsored advertising as there are now so I had to create my own networks from the ground up, seeing the great future possibilities here I grew many specific targeted audience Pages and Groups nationwide.

A few local businesses who had seen my activity and growth through Facebook contacted me for advice and guidance with their own social media pages, from there the word spread and more and more came for help and I am delighted to say that I am still doing what I am so very passionate about, Facebook Marketing & Management.

  • Driving quality customers directly to your Facebook pages.
  • In 2013, I was ranked as a Top Level Super Editor for Facebook.
  • Towards the end of October of 2014, I was recognised by Facebook HQ in California as one of the top 3 Super Editors in Ireland.
  • On 19th March 2015, I was officially ranked as the No.1 Super Editor in the Country with an accuracy level of a staggering 100%.
  • As of 31st March 2016, I have been ranked as 11th highest Facebook Super Editor in the World.