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April 21, 2016
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January 24, 2017

Facebook are in the process of launching a brand new Facebook business page layout!
Some people may already have it while others will see it rolling out over the next few days.
Personally I really like the new fresh look and feel of it.

New 2016 Layout

So far, this is these are the major changes to come to the new Facebook profile layout for 2016:

  • The user-profile image now appears on the top left-hand side, totally detached from the cover photo which mean that there will be no more worrying about the profile photo covering text or image that is important for your brand. This is a great opportunity to utilize the Facebook Cover Banner as an advertising billboard.
  • The top navigation tabs now appear vertical to the left, just under the profile picture area. These include Home, About, Photos, Likes, Videos, Posts, Manage Tabs, all of the remaining Facebook tools that were previously on the left side have moved to the right side of the page, including page information, apps, and Map, etc ….
  • There is a noticeable blue Promote button under the navigation menu on the left side.
  • A new call to action button on the right-hand side under the cover photo, which reads ‘Send Email’.
  • In the home page view, business page insights are forefront and centre, directly underneath the Post/Status box.

Enjoy and Happy Facebooking Folks !

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