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It is very important to choose the correct page type to suit your business.

Facebook Page Creation 

  • Your Facebook page is the shop front to your business, it needs to attract and retain the attention of everyone who sees it.
  • Not everyone finds setting up a Facebook page as easy as others, setting up the correct format page, a common problem I encounter is people setting up their business as a Profile Page (friend page) only to realise when it is too late.
  • First problem with setting up as a profile is that Facebook will eventually detect this and delete your account and secondly you are limited to a maximum of 5000 friends, limiting your audience, another problem is you have no access to business page features.
  • Choosing a correct name is very important, remembering to keep it short and to the point, their is no need to describe your business or try to squeeze in your location in a page title, what category your page will slot into, profile picture to use or logo and choosing a correct banner for the top of your page .
  • Let's have a chat so as that I can get a feel for what you wish your page to represent and it's target audience/market so that together we can create the perfect business page and page name to get you and your business/ service up on a pedastal for all your target audience to see.
Let us start at the begining ......